Cochran Farm 1790

Fine artisanal Mohawk Valley goat cheese handcrafted in the Loire Valley tradition.

GoatS, Milk and Cheesemaking


We located Mohawk Valley family farmers carrying on the area’s dairying tradition, committed to providing a healthy, balanced, nutrient-rich, low stress environment for their goats.

Our milk comes from healthy, happy Alpine goats!

Rich Mohawk Valley Milk

High quality milk  with high butterfat and protein content — is the result of proper care, feeding and milking of the goats.

Cheesemaking: 1/3 Science, 1/3 Art, 1/3 Perseverance

While in Burgundy in 2012 and the Loire Valley in 2013, we learned the biology behind transforming milk into cheese, the importance of fermentation and ripening temperatures, gentle production techniques, and the delicate art of managing aging conditions. Great cheese is the result of fresh, high quality ingredients and constant quality checking every step of the way.

The Mohawk Mist is ready to eat two days after unmolding, and retains its tender texture for several weeks.  The St. Johnsville is ready to eat after two to three weeks of ripening, though its texture and flavor continue to develop over the following 3 to 4 weeks.

We continuously monitor and interpret the many factors affecting cheesemaking. Just how many? Acidity, temperature and humidity are the three obvious ones. One day, we started counting. Having identified 45 variables, it was time to turn cheeses; we stopped counting…


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